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The System

FeedGenius simplifies the feed delivery process by making feed more palatable, so even the lazier, uninterested pigs will eat more feed. Liquid feed is easier to consume; tastes better to the pigs; digests faster; converts to gain more completely; is less abrasive and reduces irritation in the intestinal tract.

FeedGenius pipeline and pumping equipment is easy to install and reliable to operate, with much less down time than using dry feeding systems. Installations are scalable to any size operation, operate automatically and require no supervision. And liquid feed reduces dust in the barn. FeedGenius understands the US market and supplies systems tailored to the specific needs of America’s pork producers.

Liquid feeding is not a new concept. The process has been used in countries like Canada, England and Japan for the past 30 years. Some mistakes were made before the process was refined into today’s more reliable systems. Our grandfathers slopped the pigs with liquid feed long ago! Maybe they knew something we are just learning again? With rising feed prices, efficiency is more important than ever.